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PTO Dirven Generators

PTO Driven Generators
PTO Driven generator offers a powerful, durable, mobile power source for less money.

Power Take Off Generators
Power Take Off  generators offer a very cost effective way to produce electrical power. It eliminates the need of the tractor owner to maintain an additional engine.

Tractor PTO Generators
A Tractor PTO Generators has the potential to do many things. It can provide rural families with electricity in the dead of winter, and save crops during extreme flooding.

Winco PTO Generators
Winco has been in business for 80 years.  Winco offers quality, dependable generators and offers the broadest line of generators in the industry.

John Deere PTO Generators
John Deere PTO Generators are designed to handle the rugged environments of agricultural applications.  Choose from non-emission or emission certified.

Generac PTO Generators
Generac has been designing and manufacturing power generation equipment for over 40 years.

Tiger Power PTO Generators
Tiger Power PTO Generators are available in single-phase and three-phase. Its rugged design makes it ideal for agricultural operations.

Dayton PTO Generators
Dayton PTO Generators are design for quiet, smooth operation.  Brushless design, with quick disconnect plugs, and high surge power.

Onan PTO Generators
The Onan PTO Generators are specifically engineered for mobile emergency vehicle.  A five year warranty is standard.

3 Phase PTO Generators
Resources on 3 Phase PTO Generators and how they work and what applications use these 3 phase PTO generators.


PTO Driven Generators

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PTO Generator

PTO Driven Generators are a powerful, durable, mobile power source for less money. They allow individuals with tractors and vehicles to produce electrical power without having the expense of keeping and maintaining another engine. In the last several years, we have seen more and more fire and rescue trucks using PTO driven generators.

With new technology, such as electrically powered hydraulic rescue tool pumps and elevating area lights, just to name a few, fire and rescue trucks power requirements have continue to increase. With this extra power requirement, the alternator in these vehicles gets taxed to its limit, and they have to shut down certain circuits to prevent the batteries from being drained. These vehicles have to perform because of the life and death situations they are used for. To take care of this problem PTO driven generators are used to shift some of the electrical load off the vehicle's and onto a separate 120/240 volt system. It not only provides power to these equipment but supplies more powerful motors and lights and improves effectiveness. 

There are different types of PTO driven generators and portable generators used to power these vehicles and the following discuss their features, typical applications, advantages and disadvantages.

PTO driven Generators - Belt-driven generators

The belt driven PTO generators are usually mounted in the vehicle's engine compartment and is powered by a belt off one of the engines accessory drives.  In some cases the PTO driven generator is connected to an electrical control unit, which is mounted somewhere in the vehicle.  Power output for these generators are around 3.5kw-5kw.  They are compact and usually the size of a vehicle alternator and lower cost than most generators.  They require minimal maintenance, and have no additional fuel tank and no noise above the vehicle engine itself.  Electrical power is available whenever the vehicle engine is running, even when the vehicle is in motion.

The disadvantage is they're limited to 5kw output, which makes them unsuitable for vehicles with larger pumpers, aerial ladders and heavy rescues.  The power output is dependent on the engine speed, and to maintain maximum power output, the engine must be held at a constant speed above idle. The voltage output on these generators is a square wave, rather than a pure sine wave, making them unsuitable for sensitive electronic equipment such as computers. 

PTO Driven Generators - Portable Generators

PTO Driven Generator - Portable GeneratorsPortable Generators can be used in these vehicles, and can be removed and set on the ground or it can be semi-permanently mounted on a slide-out tray. Power output is usually around 1kw-6kw, depending on the model.  Portable generators weight more and are less compact and aren't intended for permanent mounting in enclosed compartments. Disadvantages are limited power output, they require more space, and are more expensive to maintain than some other generators.  Portable generators have a separate fuel tank, and must be monitored and refilled, and because these unit use gasoline, some fire departments don't want to use them because of the exposure to high heat and flame.  These generators are used for light and medium rescues, some pumpers, and shop maintenance trucks.

PTO Driven Generators - Driveshaft generators

These PTO driven generators are power directly off the transmission power takeoff with a driveshaft.  Typical power ratings are from 5kw-40kw.  Like the belt-driven models they are light weight and usually mounted under the vehicle frame close to the transmission.  They are very efficient and they represent an excellent buy for higher power ratings.  They can be used while the vehicle is moving but the power output is dependent on the vehicle engine speed. They are not suited for pumpers, where the engine speeds varies depending on the required water flow rate.  Applications for these PTO driven generators are aerials, medium and heavy rescues, and some ambulances.

PTO Driven Generators -  Hydraulic-Driven Generators

Hydraulic-driven generators incorporate many of the advantages of the PTO driveshaft generator.  However, instead of driving the generator with a driveshaft off the transmission PTO, the PTO drives a hydraulic pump. The pump runs a hydraulic motor through two flexible hoses, and the motor turns the generator. This eliminates the driveshaft and the generator can be mounted anywhere on the vehicle. These generators use a variable-displacement pump with a feedback control system. This allows a constant flow of output no matter how fast the engine is running.  Power ratings range from 3kw-30kw, and weight about the same as the drive shaft PTO Driven Generator. The biggest advantages of these generators they eliminate the engine speed dependency problem. They are a little more expensive than the the other models. Applications include pumpers, aerials, medium and heavy rescues and mechanics trucks.

Adding a PTO driven generator to a vehicle can improve its performance and give added versatility. For more information or purchasing a PTO driven generator, we recommend you call TEMCo. TEMCo has been in business for over 40 years and only offer top quality generators from stand-by generators to diesel generators. With their knowledgeable staff, they can help select the perfect generator for your needs. TEMCo products come with the best warranties and the lowest price. Call TEMCo today and find out why so many people trust them to supply all their power supply equipment.


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Fire and Resue Trucks use PTO Driven Generators

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