Tractor PTO Generators

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If you have a tractor a great add on is a PTO tractor generator.

PTO Driven Generators
PTO Driven generator offers a powerful, durable, mobile power source for less money.

Power Take Off Generators
Power Take Off  generators offer a very cost effective way to produce electrical power. It eliminates the need of the tractor owner to maintain an additional engine.

Tractor PTO Generators
A Tractor PTO Generators has the potential to do many things. It can provide rural families with electricity in the dead of winter, and save crops during extreme flooding.

Winco PTO Generators
Winco has been in business for 80 years.  Winco offers quality, dependable generators and offers the broadest line of generators in the industry.

John Deere PTO Generators
John Deere PTO Generators are designed to handle the rugged environments of agricultural applications.  Choose from non-emission or emission certified.

Generac PTO Generators
Generac has been designing and manufacturing power generation equipment for over 40 years.

Tiger Power PTO Generators
Tiger Power PTO Generators are available in single-phase and three-phase. Its rugged design makes it ideal for agricultural operations.

Dayton PTO Generators
Dayton PTO Generators are design for quiet, smooth operation.  Brushless design, with quick disconnect plugs, and high surge power.

Onan PTO Generators
The Onan PTO Generators are specifically engineered for mobile emergency vehicle.  A five year warranty is standard.

3 Phase PTO Generators
Resources on 3 Phase PTO Generators and how they work and what applications use these 3 phase PTO generators.


Tractor PTO Generators

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PTO Generator

PTO tractor generators are the perfect solution to operate power tools that are not near utility poles.  PTO tractor generators also can be used in case of power outage and provide electricity to your house, barn or other building.  If you already have a high power tractor a PTO generator requires no maintenance and have a longer life than ordinary portable generators.

How a Tractor PTO Generator Work

A generator is comprise of an engine and an alternator.  On a PTO generator the tractor is the engine and the PTO generator is the alternator.  Most tractors come equipment with a Power Take Off driveshaft which allows the tractor to provide power to attachment such as mower, spreader and etc.  When purchasing a tractor PTO generator you may need some other accessories like a tumbling bar which is used to connect the tractor to the generator, and if you want mobility a three-point hitch or a trailer is necessary.

Benefits of a Tractor PTO Generator

  • No extra maintenance or additional engine to maintain.  Maintenance on a Tractor PTO generator is pretty simple, keep it sheltered and out of the weather, the tires are aired up, unless permanently mounted on a 3 point hitch. Grease any fitting on the power shaft or other drive components.

  • You can more capacity (kilowatts) for your money because you don't have to buy an engine.

  • If you use your tractor regularly, no need for extra fuel or stale fuel from sitting too long like you would in a gas or diesel generator.

Capacity of a Tractor PTO Generator

How to select a Tractor PTO Generator.The capacity of your tractor PTO generator is regulated by the size of your tractor. To find out what size of a tractor PTO generator your tractor can handle, just multiply your tractor's PTO hp by 0.75 (one horsepower equals 0.75 kilowatt).  Remember the generator is not 100% efficient, so you will probably not be able to deliver quite that much power. You can always buy a generator that is rated larger and not connect up to a full electric load.  If you do overload the equipment, the PTO rpm will drop, and the tractor may stall because of  the current dropping.  Depending on the size of your tractor, the PTO Tractor Generator may or may not allow you to run your whole house during a outage.  Typically, you can run lights and appliance, but not air conditioners, heat pump, or computer systems.

Where to find quality Tractor PTO Generator

When purchasing a Tractor PTO Generator you begin with a reputable manufacturer you can trust.  TEMCo, who has been in  business for over 40 years is a reliable,  trust-worthy company that only provides quality tractor PTO generator from the top manufacturer.  No need to waste your time and gas looking at all the different manufacturer when TEMCo has them all and at the lowest price guarantee!  With their large inventory and expert staff you are guarantee the right tractor PTO generator for your needs.  TEMCo carries such brands as Tiger Power PTO Generators, Winco PTO Generators, John Deere PTO generators, and Generac PTO Generators.


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 Tractor PTO Generators


Tractor PTO Generators

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